Why is BOSS PAY PER HEAD the Best Sportsbook Software?

Our service really stands above and beyond the competition. Your satisfaction is guaranteed! Our quality of service and software features are unmatched in the industry:

Premium Bookie Agent support and Pay Per Head features

We have the most ways to deposit.

Pay for your PPH accounts on our Online Cashier. We have a variety of payment methods including : Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Western Union., MoneyGram, Credit Cards,etc. You never have to go to a processing office again!

Transfer existing players

We will help you painlessly transfer your existing players, their pending bets, balances and history for free.

Build your Bookie website

We will help you build your website or transfer your existing one to our system for a modest fee! Contact our support chat to find out the current price.

Powerfil dedicated Software

Two different software products PLUS an in house agent software that has cutting edge tech built from the ground up: More features, faster and more powerful, and with more customization options. Talk to our live chat to find out if it has the features that you need!

Intuitive interface

Easy to use interface and tools for keeping track of balances and payments for both your players and your sub-agents that even a person who is not computer savvy can use with ease.

Move your own lines

Our lines are sharp, so sharp that we are the only PPH listed on Don Best.com. That being said if you would like to move your own lines, manage the odds with ease using our line mover tool.

24/7/365 Call Center

24/7/365 call center with excellent customer service – this is an important one – and you can tell the difference! We take care of everything and we got your back. Save time and hassle by calling in and having us do all the work for you.

We provide support in 3 languages

We offer support and betting in 3 languages: English, Spanish and Chinese.

Anytime, Anywhere

Log in anytime, anywhere to manage players and check your numbers.


Customization: Set custom limits per player by sport, period and wager type.

Bet Radar

Bet radar (premium live wagering): 2,000 monthly events (60 games daily).

Easy, same day setup.

Our commitment to excellence and our obsession with making sure that the client is completely satisfied is what sets our team apart. With our sportsbook software, you are not just another agent with players. We appreciate your business and we know that without you, we could not exist. This level of service is not merely showered on our agents, for we know that the customers are the life blood for our agents. Our commitment extends to your players and we are here to ensure that their gaming experience is unparalleled.

Our English-speaking staff is available 24/7 to address all of your customer service needs in a highly competent and courteous manner. Whether you’re looking for reports or simply need access to accounts (yours or your players), we are here around the clock with the information you require.

Let’s say you don’t have a computer handy, and you’d like to change a player’s settings (i.e. wager limit, credit limit, payoff limit, etc.), determine your exposure on a specific game, or check on account balance; our customer service representatives and line managers are all equipped to assist you over the phone.

For those agents who are ready to take their Virtual Office to the next level, we make it possible to have their own website. For a onetime fee, we can provide you a list of over 30 prime names for your business.

Live in game Pay Per Head

Should you choose this option, our technical and graphics specialists will create your own website that will be used exclusively by your clients. Never before have agents had the ability to literally open up their own full service gaming site complete with sportsbook software, phones, website, and customer service for such a reasonable price. If you would like more information on this premium package, feel free to contact our customer service department.

We now have Quickbit Payment Method!
Buy Cryptocurrency with your Visa or MasterCard

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Live in game Pay Per Head
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