What is Pay Per Head And How to Get Started?

Pay Per Head service is a software as a service (SaaS) which allows bookmakers to accept bets from players in a jurisdiction where it is legal.

Boss Pay Per Head pay-per-head service is a complete suite of online tools to manage your booking operation.

What is Pay Per Head and who is it for?

A pay per head service, like www.BossPayPerHead.com, allows a private bookie to give his players access to a sportsbook in a country or jurisdiction where it is legal to accept such wagers.

Some of the benefits of using a price per head service like www.BossPayPerHead.com for the bookie are:

  • Ability to offer a much larger menu of betting options on a daily basis, including those things that a private bookie does not normally offer to his clients, such as: formula 1, global soccer, tennis, golf, propositions, etc.
  • 24 hour wagering and customer service
  • Computerized recording, tracking, and settling of bets, which eliminates errors
  • Access to real time reports to see results, win/loss, and risk exposure
  • Race-book that offers every track in the country
  • Full Las Vegas style casino with hundreds of games, available 24 hours a day

For this full service virtual casino/sportsbook/race-book available at www.BossPayPerHead.com, the PPH Agent must pay a weekly fee per client. This normally depends on 2 or 3 factors, which are:

  • Does the client make at least 1 bet over the phone per week?
    If so, the bookie is charged a certain fee.
  • Does the client strictly wager on the Internet with no phone wagers?
    If so, the fee for this client is normally cheaper.
  • Lastly, does the client play in the casino?
    If so, some places charge more than the phone or Internet customer. Others require the bookie to pay a percentage of the losses. This is because the casino software vendors are separate and actually charge the “hosting” book a high commission on casino losses.

Bottom line for a bookie doing any kind of business in the States: Stop sitting around on your cell phone taking bets all day. You can hand these tasks off to the service providers like BossPayPerHead.com and focus on those things which will help you increase your customer base. You will gain instant credibility by providing your customers a complete gaming experience, which can be provided by www.BossPayPerHead.com Lastly, you reduce your risk greatly by not actually accepting wagers. All wagers are accepted offshore by licensed gaming companies.

The PPH model really is a golden opportunity for any bookmaker, and BossPayPerHead.com is the industry leader. 1-888-978-0488

At Boss Pay Per Head we understand that TIME IS MONEY.

We understand that the demands on your schedule make it difficult to do it all. That is why BossPayPerHead.com is your complete solution for a virtual office. The day-to-day requirements of setting and moving lines, taking wagers over the phone, grading those wagers, and keeping track of each player’s figure can be left to us. This leaves you the time you need to recruit new players and spend time doing the things you like to do. If you are established and looking for solutions to your need for more time, you’ve come to the right place!

Industry Leading Pay Per Head with Vast Range of Sports

With Boss Pay Per Head, your clients will be able to wager on more events than you could ever imagine. Your clients will be able to bet the half-time of Hawaii games, bet on the Oscars, bet a vast array of propositions (all at 30 cent lines!!), and much, much more. This will result in your average handle per player going way up, and your profits will rise accordingly. And the best part of all, your players will be impressed with the level of service and sophistication you are able to offer them. This means more loyalty from your players and long-term profits for you.

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