Terms and Conditions of Pay Per Head Services

Boss Pay Per Head has a few terms of service in place so that your experience with us is nothing but great…


Password confidentiality is the responsibility of each client. Boss Pay Per Head.com will not be held responsible for password misuse or usage of password by anyone other than the person with whom the password was initially issued.


You may only apply and use funds received from promotional offers by Boss Pay Per Head, in which cash was received, to pay for our wagering services. These funds are not eligible for withdrawal. Boss Pay Per Head reserves the right to modify, at its own discretion, promotion rules and/or cancellation of any promotions. To qualify and be eligible for bonuses at Boss Pay Per Head.com you must have at least one active account with us. Clients are not allowed to receive bonuses across multiple accounts.

Termination of Agreement

The agreement held between the Client and Boss Pay Per Head.com may be terminated at any time requested by the client, as long as, there is no current balance. If deemed necessary, Boss Pay Per Head reserves the right to revoke the agreement between the client and Boss Pay Per Head.com

All rules and regulations contained herein are subject to modification and revision by Boss Pay Per Head.com management without prior notice.

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