NFL Week 16 Saturday/Sunday Recap

Odds makers have finally figured out the New Orleans Saints, but the Saints don’t carebecause they secured homefield advantage throughout the playoffs. The Baltimore Ravens came up huge and the Eagles kept their playoff hopes alive. Pay per head agents, check out what happened in NFL Week 16!

Saturday, Dec. 22

Washington Redskins 16 at Tennessee Titans 25 – The Titans’ playoff hopes are alive while what started as a great season for Washington has turned into a disaster. Whether the Redskins keep coach Jay Gruden is anybody’s guess.

Baltimore Ravens 22 at L.A. Chargers 10 – Baltimore’s defense is peaking. Quarterback Lamar Jackson has a lot to learn still. One good thing, though, is that he doesn’t throw interceptions.

Sunday, Dec. 23

Houston Texans 30 at Philadelphia Eagles 32 – The Eagles kept their playoff hopes alive with a final seconds field goal. Houston went from being the second seed in the AFC Playoffs to possibly missing the playoffs all together if they don’t win in Week 17.

New York Giants 27 at Indianapolis Colts 28 – The Giants gave it their all, but the Colts were just too tough. Indianapolis has a real shot at the playoffs if they beat the Titans in Week 17.

Buffalo Bills 11 at New England Patriots 24 –  New England showed that even though they lost 2 games in a row, they’re just fine. Buffalo has impressed this season. They’ve got a ton of building blocks.

Green Bay Packers 44 at New York Jets 38 – What a mess in Green Bay. Although the Jets lost, they’re the more stable franchise because they’ll miss the playoffs with a rookie quarterback. Green Bay will miss the playoffs and their quarterback’s the highest-paid player in NFL history.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 20 at Dallas Cowboys 27 – Dallas did push by beating Tampa Bay 27-20. The issue for the Cowboys is that now, suddenly, the defense is giving up 20 points or more in every game.

Minnesota Vikings 27 at Detroit Lions 9 – Minnesota looked good beating a tough rival on the road in Week 16. The Vikings could be a dangerous bunch if they close the deal and make the playoffs with a win in Week 17.

Atlanta Falcons 24 at Carolina Panthers 10 – Atlanta salvaged something with the win over the Panthers. Nobody’s sure what they salvaged, but it was something.  

Jacksonville Jaguars 17 at Miami Dolphins 7 – The Jaguars proved that Miami’s just as much of a mess as any of the other losing teams in the NFL. Jacksonville’s not a great team, but they could end the season on a high note with a victory in Week 17. Miami must make wholesale changes this offseason.  

Chicago Bears 14 at San Francisco 49ers 9 – The Bears’ defense stepped it up. You must worry about the offense, though. Chicago can grab the second seed if the Rams lose next Sunday.

Cincinnati Bengals 18 at Cleveland Browns 26 – Cleveland continues to impress. The Browns won’t make the playoffs, but they’re obviously on the right track. Any coach out there would be crazy not to take the head job in Cleveland after the past month.

Pittsburgh Steelers 28 at New Orleans Saints 31 – New Orleans has now not covered in 2 straight. No worries. The Saints continue to win all sorts of different ways. The offense hasn’t bene nearly as dominant. Again, nothing to worry about. For Pittsburgh, they must win in Week 17 and hope the Ravens lose. Tough to see both happening.

L.A. Rams 31 at Arizona Cardinals 9 – The Cardinals cut the Rams’ lead to 5 points, 14-9, and then LAR went off. Too bad the Saints won, meaning the best the Rams can do is get the 2-seed in the NFC.

Kansas City Chiefs 31 at Seattle Seahawks 38 – Patrick Mahomes is great, but once again, the Kansas City defense didn’t step up. The Chiefs limp into Week 17 needing to beat their most hated rivals, the Oakland Raiders, to win the AFC West and secure homefield throughout the playoffs.

Online bookies should have used their layoff accounts on: Atlanta Falcons, Green Bay Packers, Chicago Bears, Minnesota Vikings, L.A. Rams

Bookie agents should have set max money line betting limits on: Baltimore Ravens, Jacksonville Jaguars

Things to Keep in Mind to Manage NFL Week 17 Betting

No matter the spreads, no matter if you’ve handicapped the games, pay per head agents must use their layoff account on every NFL matchup. We won’t know until late which players coaches intend to sit. That could throw betting lines out of whack late. So, in addition to using the layoff account, consider scheduling an override about an hour before kickoff of each game.

NFL Betting Stats Update

Top 5 ATS and Over/Under


  1. Chicago Bears 11-4-0 ATS, 8-7-0 O/U
  2. New Orleans Saints 10-5-0 ATS, 6-9-0 O/U
  3. Seattle Seahawks 8-4-2 ATS, 7-7-0 O/U
  4. Cleveland Browns 8-5-1 ATS, 9-4-1 O/U
  5. Cleveland Browns 9-6-0 ATS, 6-8-1 O/U

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