March Madness: Duke Looks for Coach K’s 6th Championship

The madness that comes with March is here. The Duke Blue Devils remain solid favorites to win the NCAA Men’s College Basketball Championship, but Duke presents a conundrum for online bookie agents looking to score huge dollars on March Madness future betting.

Because we haven’t yet reached conference tournaments, let’s first discuss how agents should handle wagering on some of the favorites. Then, we’ll talk about what agents must do from an overall standpoint once the NCAA College Basketball Tournament kicks off the week of March 18.

NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament


Duke Blue Devils                              

Tennessee                                                       +750

Kentucky                                                       +775

Virginia                                                          +800

Gonzaga                                                         +850

Michigan                                                        +850


What’s up with the Duke Blue Devils?

North Carolina pummeled the Duke Blue Devils 88-72 on Feb. 20. But, Duke bounced back with a tremendous effort on Saturday, Feb. 23. The Blue Devils gained revenge over the Syracuse Orange. The Orange had been hot, but Duke beat Syracuse by 10 points.

What it means is that Duke appears to have gotten over the potential loss of Zion Williamson. Williamson hurt his knee 33 seconds into the North Carolina game. Before Zion’s injury, the Blue Devils were at +160. Odds should change on the Devils this week, which means per head agents have a decision to make.

If you believe that Coach K can indeed win his sixth NCAA Men’s College Basketball Championship without Williamson, you shouldn’t promote wagering on Duke. However, if you believe the Blue Devils most definitely won’t win the title with Zion sitting the tournament out, you should spend some time promoting wagering on the Blue Devils.

Why? The odds on Duke should be much more attractive than they were before Zion’s injury. That will make those who thought about betting on Duke more prone to do so.

Can a team like North Carolina make a run?

Ever since losing by 8 points to Virginia, the North Carolina Tar Heels have been excellent. They’ve gone 3-0 both straight up and against the spread. It’s only a matter of time before pay per head agents must manage wagering on teams like North Carolina.

North Carolina’s a great one to use to discuss NCAA Tournament futures. Agents should think about allowing wagering on certain teams that either offer underlay odds to win the NCAA Championship, or don’t appear capable. To know which teams are over played, consider their overall odds.

For example, Virginia, Tennessee, and Michigan offer low odds. None of those 3 teams appear capable of winning the NCAA Tournament. Bookie agents should consider opening wagering on one or all of those teams. Also, set higher max betting limits on those teams to win the NCAA Tournament.

Agents might also want to consider promoting wagering on all 3 teams. Discourage wagering on teams like the North Carolina Tar Heels.

Bottom  line on what Boss Per Head agents should do to manage NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament betting?

When it comes to the actual NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament, online bookie agents must do the following. Don’t mess around with March Madness games. Nobody knows what’s going to happen in the NCAA Tournament. Always proceed with caution.

  1. Set max betting limits on all available moneylines – Dogs can beat favorites, like UMBC over Virginia last season, and pay out huge moneyline wagers.
  2. Use your layoff account – Don’t take unnecessary chances. Use your layoff account if you must.
  3. Promote popular teams like Duke, Virginia, North Carolina, Kansas, Kentucky, and both Michigan State and Michigan – If you want the most action you can get, promote games where one of the popular schools laces up the shoes.

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