Bookmaker Service Comparison: Boss Pay Per Head vs Priceperhead

Discover the difference between our Bookie Software and Payperhead

Agent and Player ToolsBoss Pay Per
STARTING AT JUST $3 PER HEAD (limited time only)$3 PER HEADStarting at $15
Online wagering available 24/7/365Successful BettingService within a schedule
Phone wagering 24/7/365 served by the most redundant fiber-optic networkSuccessful BettingService within a schedule
Mobile (smart phone) betting platform 1Successful Betting
Sharpest lines in the industry provided by a ‘stage’ of 30 individuals working 24/7/365Successful BettingWeak lines
Suite of online player management tools including: player figures, pending transactions, position by game, and moreSuccessful BettingSuccessful Betting
Mobile (smart phone) agent reports 1Successful Betting
Largest sports offering in the betting Industry – 80+ leaguesSuccessful BettingSuccessful Betting
Live in-game bettingSuccessful Betting
10 pre-set parlay profiles to choose fromSuccessful Betting
Fully customizable parlays profilesSuccessful BettingSuccessful Betting
20 pre-set teaser profiles to choose fromSuccessful BettingSuccessful Betting
Fully customizable teaser profilesSuccessful BettingSuccessful Betting
Largest horse offering in the betting Industry – 70+ racetracksSuccessful BettingSuccessful Betting
Specially trained horse racing clerksSuccessful Betting
12 pre-set horse profiles to choose fromSuccessful BettingSuccessful Betting
Fully customizable horse profilesSuccessful BettingSuccessful Betting
Largest casino offering in the offshore betting service industry at zero cost to youSuccessful Betting
3 pre-set casino profiles to choose fromSuccessful BettingSuccessful Betting
Fully customizable casino profilesSuccessful BettingSuccessful Betting
Largest & most liquid poker offering in the offshore betting service industrySuccessful Betting
Instant Action5Successful Betting
Layoff acount 2Successful Betting
Scalp account 3Successful Betting
Account to account transfersSuccessful BettingSuccessful Betting
Claims team to help you handle discrepanciesSuccessful BettingSuccessful Betting
Customized website 4,5,6Successful BettingSuccessful Betting
Exclusive toll-free number 4,5,6Successful Betting
State-of-the-art data center in Panama, banking capital of Latin AmericaSuccessful Betting
Backup state-of-the-art data center on Kahnawake tribal landSuccessful Betting
Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack preventionSuccessful Betting
128-bit encryption log inSuccessful Betting
Triple redundant phone lines (PSTN and VoIP)Successful Betting
Recording system for player claimsSuccessful BettingSuccessful Betting
Fail-safe electric power redundancySuccessful BettingSuccessful Betting


1. Only available for new generation SmartPhone & Tablets.
2. Layoff: You take action at -110, and layoff at -110; current line offered; limits apply.
3. Scalp: You take action at -110, and scalp at -105; current line offered; limits apply.
4. Allow 24 hours to receive response.
5. Available with Premium package.
6. Available with Standard package.

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